TableFest presents Unreel Steel 2017. Unreel Steel is a robotic battle royale featuring custom remote controlled fighters. These challengers will fight in an arena to see which robot emerges victorious amidst sparks and parts of devastation.

Potential competitors are first come first serve so fill out some applications as soon as possible! Please include your robot’s weight as they will be sorted into weight classes.

Weight classes are Needles (1 lb), Daggers (3 lb), and Swords (6 lb).

Needles (1 lb):

  • Loos Cannon, “Dirty Frank”
  • Loos Cannon, “Wombatchewed”
  • Cloak & Dagger Robotics, “Viper Fighter”
  • Cloak & Dagger Robotics, “Zombie Chopper”
  • Team MUGGA JUNK, “Cherry Bomb”
  • Scott Johnston, “Gigajoule”
  • VBT Robotics, “Ignatz”
  • Team MUGGA JUNK, “Little Bastard”
  • Team MUGGA JUNK, “Kaiju Blue”

Daggers (3 lb):

  • Team MUGGA JUNK, “DC”
  • Team MUGGA JUNK, “Buffy”
  • Scott Johnston, “Slippery-Slope”
  • Team Hurricane, “Snowfire”
  • Ace of Spades, “The Wall”

Swords (6 lb):

  • Mostmint, “Concussion”
  • Mostmint, “Russian Winter”
  • Cloak & Dagger Robotics, “His”
  • Cloak & Dagger Robotics, “Hers”

Combatants aren’t finalized until they fill out the registration fee and a $30 registration grants challengers a day pass or a discounted three day pass, note your preference. Reach out via email: or the form below!

See here for match rules.
See here for tournament procedures.
See here for judging guidelines.
See here for robot construction specifications.